Why choose Just RAIN?


At Just RAIN our vision and values are the basis for what we stand.

For well over a decade we have faithfully maintained Durban and surrounding areas residential water harvesting systems. We provide a vast range of water harvesting related services and maintainence for whatever you may need.

Our dedicated team respect your property and safety at all times, providing our highest standards

Our promise is to provide a service to our customers that guarantees satisfaction of your investment. We pride ourselves on our dedication to safety and assurance of quality and dependability.

If you're going to do it, do it right..

The Best Water Harvesting Solutions

Rain is from the sky, it falls naturally, most of the time is just falls and washes away.... why not harvest it, and turn it into a valuable resource.

Use our tried and true methods to turn rain into quality drinkable water that is of a higher quality than what you could ever get from the muncipality.

Harvest Your Rain

Water Harvesting Plans

Plan your water harvesting properly

Harvest The Water

Install your water Harvesting system

Filtering and cleaing

Filter your rain water and Clean of of any bacteria

Water Testing

Test your water quality for the best end product